Want to See your Money Grow? Arun Dev Builders Suggest Investing in Real Estate

There is always a trade-off between capital and time. According to Arun Dev Builders, you can only amass a limited amount of capital in a short span of time. Conversely, a long period of time will generate a large amount of interest. To speed things up, people often opt mutual funds. However, that’s a risky business. A better idea is to invest in real estate. Here’s why Arun Dev Builders suggest the same.


A steady flow of income: Buying a single room or a small residential complex can establish a permanent channel of income through rent.

The rising prices: This is more in line with the National Capital Region where the plot prices are ascending exponentially. Properties worth Rs 30 lakh in East Delhi can now go up to Rs 70 lakh.

An awesome retirement plan: The points stated above make real-estate property farming the best retirement plan. You’ll have a reliable income with minimal effort.        

Loans are easy to get: Experts from Arun Dev Builders suggest that it’s easier to get a loan for property than any other need.

Leverage: With a property in your bag, you can use it as your leverage to get more loans. Most of the lenders can offer up to 95% of the total value of the property.

Easy Research: You won’t have to brave the unknown seas when it comes to real estate. Researching the property market is easier than to deal with the mutual funds.

No middlemen: Usually in share markets, you need to employ a manager or a broker who can handle your shares. This increases risk and trust issues.

A valuable asset: If you’re not interested in making money off your property, you can always move in!


Want to add another point to this list? Let Arun Dev Builders know!  





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