Maximize the Space and Minimize the Humdrum in your House with these 6 Useful Ideas

Arun Dev Builders

You’re probably reading this because your OCD-ish cortex squirms at the sight of a cluttered and over-hooked room. Experts from Arun Dev Builders agree; a lot of decorations and furniture in a room (mostly small) can make the room look heavy. Here are 10 ingenious ideas that’ll help you remove the unwanted shuffle and make your house look graceful.

  • Tidy your living room first, as it’s frequented by guests and often speaks for your entire house. Keep mounted hooks or a coat hanger to ensure your room is clean and organized. Go for minimalistic decors that also double as storage units.
  • The kitchen should be made the most spacious as it’s the most busy place of the house. Remove unnecessary crockery. A vertical storage shelf will save you a lot of space instead of using drawers to store onions, potatoes or spices.
  • Buy a bed which includes space for storage in its cavity. That way, you can put away clothes and blankets. It’ll save you a lot of space in your closet.
  • Bathrooms are often shared. Use big shelves to hold toiletries and a common toothbrush rack. Try to avoid using a lot of buckets. Use one big bucket to store water. This will avoid water wastage as well.
  • Your child’s room shouldn’t be a monotonous assembly of a bed, chair, and table. Use the space wisely by making a small study, a multi-use couch, and a recreational corner.
  • The ‘outside’ of your home can sometimes look really cramped because of the weeds and unnecessary plants. Sure, gardening is beautiful, but planting hordes of bushes and flowers can kill the ‘clean and spacious’ vibes of your house. To avoid that, embrace moderation when it comes to gardening.

Do you want to add another informative point to this list? Let us know!



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