Low-budget and Fireproof Electrical Fittings in your House

Home is where you’re treated well and where you feel comfortable. To ensure this, your house needs to be protected from harm’s way. It should be in a good neighbourhood with the state-of-the-art security measures. However, a lot of developers are too focused on the security of the ‘outside’ that they totally overlook making such measures inside the house. Each year, there are more than 50,000 electrical house fires that result in hundreds of deaths. Fire safety engineers at Arun Dev Builders ltd suggest keeping a good balance between the quality of electrical installations and the budget.

Keep an eye out for fire-resistant electrical fittings and lighting equipment as they can be really pricey. Arun Dev Builders’ chief electrical engineer explains, “The expenses can be effectively reduced with a bit of market research and circuit planning, which a lot of real estate developers and independent house- planners do not account for”. He further added, “Infusing too much of two-way switches, mood lights, intelligent systems, dimmers, clap-switches and over-the-top fancy lamps will shoot up your budget. Avoiding these will allow you to save on your electricity bill too”.

Another way to cut down the combined cost of electrical fittings and future electricity bills is to install a solar-energy system that only requires you to pay once. It will enable ambient temperature control and an additional means to heat water without the use of electrical appliances. The use of LED lights is a must as they conserve a huge amount of energy. Traditional ceiling fans along with water reserves are a great way to keep the house cool in summers. Experts at Arun Dev Builders advise using minimalistic gears and installations around the house to make it into a low-budget haven. However, approaching the budget-fuelled highway can create quality concerns too. Stay sharp!


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